About AG

AG was set up with our customers in mind. To provide them with convenience and value every step of the way. We are a group of different trading companies established since 2003. The Board of Directors of these companies decided to form and launch Ajyal Group in February 2019.

We strive from the very first moment of establishment, to satisfy our customers and investors at home and abroad, despite the diversity and diversity of their wishes, and we are strongly moving towards the uniqueness of our services with quality standards and speed of our deployment in the countries, and the strength of our presence in the economic market.

Corporate Profile

Ajyal Group's vision is to apply a new and developed philosophy in the world of economics. It is to make the customer's vision and expectations a map for us to move for the better in providing our services. For us, our customers are partners in the process of success and progress, so we always aim to be ahead of their expectations and surpass that.